About Us

KefirRecipes.net was started by two longtime friends, Michael and Nat, who discovered the many benefits of kefir and wanted to share their experience of the drink/food with others.  They each strive to live a healthy and active lifestyle, so they are always open to finding new ways to promote that lifestyle.  Kefir, with its many benefits as well as its versatility, was the perfect addition to their nutrition.

Michael and Nat believe that one does not need to sacrifice taste when consuming something healthy, and this is especially true with kefir.  They are not chefs; they just two guys who simply use their creativity, along with trial and error, to develop what they find to be delicious and easy-to-use recipes.  Often times, they find ways to infuse kefir into foods that they have always loved, but they are consistently coming up with completely new creations as well.

Kefir has been gaining popularity in recent years.  More and more grocery stores globally have started to carry kefir, which is a trend Michael and Nat expect to continue.  Their goal with KefirRecipes.net, is to provide the growing number of people who are discovering kefir with valuable information about it, in addition to delicious recipes.

Feel free to contact us about kefir!