Easiest Breakfast Burrito

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Breakfast BurritoNow this is not your ‘2 pound, steak, potato, egg, cilantro’ burrito.  This is a ‘get me out of bed, I am late for work, I need a warm hold me over until lunch’ kind of egg burrito.

I have eaten an egg burrito nearly every day of my life.  As long as I am not on vacation or haven’t run out of supplies, I am starting my day out with an egg burrito.  The reason for this near obsession with breakfast burritos is that it takes a measly 1 min 30 seconds to make from start to finish.  Despite its speed, it is still both delicious and nutritious.

In fact, Up until recently, I have used only 3 ingredients; tortilla, cheese and an egg (two if I am extra hungry).  But the world of kefir has opened me up to realization that kefir seems to make everything a little bit better.  Just a tad of kefir makes the egg creamier and more flavorful.  I highly recommend it


  • 1 tortilla (small)
  • A handful of cheese (honestly, a craft slice is so quick and easy)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 table spoons of kefir


Warm up the tortilla in toaster over and put half the cheese on top.  While the tortilla is warming up, stir the egg up in a microwavable bowl, throw the rest of the cheese and the kefir into it.  Microwave on high for 1 min 5 seconds (add however many seconds to get rid of the gelatin stuff).  Once the egg is done, the tortilla should be warm and the cheese melted.  Egg that burrito and roll it up.  Top it off with some salsa if you want and you are good to go.

Common questions:

Q “Can you really microwave an egg?”

A “Yes”

Q “Does it still taste good?”

A “Yes, very good”

Q “Isn’t that gross?”

A “You are gross”

One Comment

  1. It’s amazing the difference a bit of kefir adds to the eggs! Great for any mixed egg dish – all omlettes or scrambles. Thanks for the information presented in such a humourous way!

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