The key ingredient in all of the delicious recipes here is Kefir. We are constantly adding new recipes and excited to hear what you think about them. Come and check out our recipes and give them a chance.

Great Baked Potato with Kefir

Baked Potato with KefirI sure do love myself a good baked potato.  They are extremely simple, take relatively little time (as long as you are a microwave guy, see below), and most importantly, they taste great.

Easiest Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast BurritoNow this is not your ‘2 pound, steak, potato, egg, cilantro’ burrito.  This is a ‘get me out of bed, I am late for work, I need a warm hold me over until lunch’ kind of egg burrito. (more…)

The Perfect Guacamole Recipe

Kefir has now made its place to the family guacamole recipe, which in my humble opinion is the perfect guacamole recipe.  Try it out yourself and let us know what you think. (more…)

Kefir Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I don’t always make pancakes, but when I do, I prefer Kefir Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  I love regular pancakes, but the kefir gives these extra fullness and fluffiness. (more…)

Delicious Strawberry Banana Kefir Smoothie

This smoothie is definitely one of my favorites because it is delicious, filling, and healthy.  It’s very quick and easy to make, so it’s the perfect on the go breakfast smoothie.   (more…)

Berry Kefir Smoothie

This is a great smoothie to have anytime, but especially in the summertime.  This one is colder than our Strawberry Banana Kefir Smoothie, so it will leave you feeling extra refreshed on a hot, sunny day. (more…)